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                       "Genetic Code…"

20" x 20" Mixed  media on wood panel

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“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1

We are blessed to live in a time where there is so much knowledge and technology available to us. It has opened many opportunities for all to explore and experience things we would have not been able to see. 

Technology is fascinating.  Images and sounds can transfer from one location to another by simply touching a button. This captivating wonder, like so many things, has become all but ordinary.

Painting allows my soul to explore, dream and ponder what lies within and around, revealing the hidden beauty of the ordinary.

I have orchids all around my studio and I am enchanted by their lovely pedals, and fleshy underground tubers. For Genetic Code, I chose to play around with texture mediums, inks, stencils, acrylics, oils and powders. I love getting a bit messy, like a child just playing around making wild concoctions.  Not really knowing where it would all lead, the patterns immerged and backgrounds developed becoming my place of wonder and awe. The marbled aqua circles represent the unseen, like individual cells, too small for the naked eye. The white orchid, created by the unseen, symbolizes reverence and humility. This act of being and exploring lead me to step back and ponder all the different cells holding us and nature together. I felt a kiss from Him as I realized his greatness and design is all but ordinary.

 What ordinary thing leads you to worship and fills you with the feeling of reverence and humility?

“Oh, that men would praise the Lord for His goodness” Psalm 107:8



12" x 16" Mixed Media (Oil and Encaustic wax)

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Quickly walking to the vegetable section of Publix, I passed by the flowers for sale. The mini purple calla lily with its regal color purple tucked in the luminous green leaves caught my eye.

Beauty can be found in the most unexpected areas

Natures beauty are like whispers to my soul to be presence and create. I snapped the shot.


This April, I turned 60 and some birthdays as we all know hold more of a significance than others. For me I am choosing to care less about the destination and more about the journey. To be in tune with my intuitive side instead of my analytical side. To just linger and embrace the process. So, I wanted to explore a new medium in my sixties.  Something that I had less control over and participated in watching it work. Which pretty much is what feels like is happening in this aging process. But I didn’t want to give up all control because I love to paint flowers in oil paints. Encaustic wax works well with oil paints.

I loved the free flow of the wax.  It’s textures and colors give depth and dimension to my oils. I love placing the heat gun to the wax and watching it dance around the board.

After I finish this piece I looked up Calla lily and read its meaning. The name calla lily is derived from a Greek word meaning beauty. It is native to Africa and though it is famous for its delicate appearance, it is a remarkably resilient flower that has been known to survive frost and can continue to grow in water. Although calla lilies are most commonly white, they also come in a variety of different colors. The colored varieties are called mini calla lilies and come in such colors as yellow, pink, purple, green, black and orange. Each color calla lily has its own meaning or connotation. For example, pink represents admiration and appreciation while purple denotes passion and is a color often associated with royalty. Because the calla lily blossoms in late spring, they have come to represent rebirth and young.

 I chuckled at how intuitively I picked this flower to start my new beginning in encaustic. “Creativity can be described as letting go of certainty.” Gail Sheely


It is the perfect fit for me creatively and seems to be a metaphor for this season of my life.

Are you experiencing any creative metaphor in your life? I would love to hear.


  "Tropical Dream"

24" x 30" Oil on Masonite SOLD

Available print mounted plexiglass

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The beauty revealed. Many of us here in Florida are fortunate to be surrounded by lush, brilliant colors. Dark hues of greens. I love how each plant has its own texture, shape and design... I'm amazed all things start with a seed. All those details are already placed in the seed waiting to be revealed. Wow... some seeds get eaten as food, some don't germinate and others they go deep down and break open in the darkness and new things are growing forth from them. Their beauty is reveal as their roots grow down and their stems grow up towards the sun. I ponder what seeds in my life are being eaten up by other things. Hopefully those seeds are blessing others. Then there are seeds I haven't done anything with. They are just ideas, wishes, hopes and dreams not allowed to be planted in the soil. What holds back that harvest?
Then the seeds that are planted. Steps of faith - action- into the darkness, unknown territory. Those require the courage to dig deep with inner resolve faith that a new thing will be birthed. It's hard pushing through the soil, other roots, and rocks.... searching for water and nourishment. But the seed is programed to do that. Then it also struggles to reach upward through the soil looking for the sun. Seeking the sunshine and rain. Our souls are seeds. They are already programed to display beauty. But we live in world where we allow other things to distract us, things consume us... we need faith!

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