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Some of my originals are available in prints or accessories. You may click the link to see which ones.
For all others interest please message with the link below.

"Blooming Tranquility" Oil 20" x 36" Gallery wrapped

       "He Founded Heaven and Earth"                                        "He Hovers" Encaustic Dyptic 8"x8"
                Encaustic 8"x8"                                      
    "Stability & Grace" 6"x6" Encaustic            "Free to Be" 6"x6" Encaustic              Life and Death" 6"x6"Encaustic
             "Eclipse of His Love" 10"x10" Encaustic                                   "Gathering" 8"x8" Encaustic

"Bombastic Succulent" 36" x 36" x 2" Oil on wrapped canvas finished edge 

"Radiating Sunshine" 36" x 36" X 2" Oil on wrapped canvas finished edge

            "Genetic Code" 24" x 24" Mixed Media                                     "Collaboration" 24" x 24" Oil
              "Blooming Banana" 24" x 24" Mixed Media                                 "Rebirth" 12" x 16" Mixed Media
                          Encaustic wax and oil                                               Encaustic wax and oil

               "Hidden Glory" 20" x 60" Oil wrapped edges               "Orchid Tapestry" 20" x 60" x 2" Oil wrapped edges

"Eclipsing Beauty" 20" x 60" Oil

"Down Under Floral" 36" x 36" Oil

"Tapestry Orchid" 20" x 60" Mixed Medium

"Paradise on Earth" 18" x 24" Oil

"Purity amidst the Darkness" 24" x 30" Oil
"Delicate Beauty" 20" x 24" Oil on Canvas
"Vivacious"  24" x 30" Oil on Canvas   

'Brilliant Bromeliad'  24" x 30" Oil on Canvas     

"Rejoicing Together"  20"x 20" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Bird of Paradise  18" x 24"  Oil on Canvas   SOLD

"Team Work" 14" x 26" Oil on Canvas   

Tropical Dream  24" x 30" Oil on Masonite  SOLD

Poinsettia   16" x 20" Oil on Canvas   

Orchids  13" x 24"  Mixed Media on Masonite Original SOLD

High Quality Prints available for $125.00

Bromeliad   8" x 10"   Oil on Canvas   

Water Lily    8" x 10"  Oil on Canvas    

Butterfly  19" x 30" Mixed Media on Masonite 

"Bamboo Solitude" 12" x12" Acrylic

Field of Poppies   16" x 20"  Oil on Canvas   

"Asia meets Africa" 24' x 30"  Mix medium  SOLD

Available in giclee prints

"Friendship" 24"x30" Acrylic SOLD
Available in giclee prints
"Solitude" 14" x 18" Mixed Media on Masonite 
"Blue Door" 24" x 36" Oil on Masonite w/ texture 

Bamboo   16" x 20"   Acrylic on Canvas  

Floral Still  18" x 24"  Oil on Canvas 

"Surprise" 12" x 12" Acrylic

A taste of a 30 day Challenge -a painting a day

"Parrots" 24" x 39" Mixed Media on Masonite 

       "From Faraway to Hare By" 20" x 24" Oil on Canvas 
                                                                          "Street Scene" 19" x 24" Oil on Canvas w/ texture SOLD
"Red Pitcher" 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas 
"White Vase" 14 X 18" Oil on Canvas Board